Q1:How to wear a KN95 mask?

Face Mask with Ear loops

1.Place the mask over your face with the metallic strip side facing outward and upwards, position both the elastic bands behind your ears.

2. The mask should cover till your lower chin

3.  After you have looped the elastics bands behind your ears you may adjust to your it to your comfort.

4. Use the fingers of both your hands to mould or pinch the metallic strip to the shape of your nose (pressing them inward). Using one hand to mould to the bridge of the nose may affect the proper usage of the mask.

Q2 Can facemask be cleaned? How often will it be replaced?

Many protective masks are disposable products, but in extraordinary times, for ordinary people, proper preservation can properly increase the number of masks used.

When going to a medical institution, contacting a patient or suspected patient, or going to a more polluted area, the mask must be discarded after one use.

Remove the mask temporarily when eating out and drinking water everyday, fold the inner face inward and place it, and then wear it after eating.

If you need to use the mask again, you can hang it in a clean, dry and ventilated place, or place it in a clean, breathable paper bag. Store separately, avoid contact with each other, and identify the person who uses the mask.

Masks should be replaced in time when they are dirty, deformed, damaged, or smelly.

Ordinary masks cannot be cleaned, heated or sterilized, which will reduce the protective performance of the masks and may cause secondary pollution.